Parklinks North Tower - AMENITIES

The Parklinks North Tower offers the least dense condo community in Quezon City with only four to eight units per floor. Exclusivity and privacy are more important for the residents. That is why the developers see to it that they experience the utmost serenity in an urban setting.

Furthermore, this Ayala-developed property is also commendable for its high appreciation for the culmination of nature and lush open spaces in an urban area. The endeavor will make the future residents of North Tower live a life of good health and peace of mind. But it doesn’t end at this aspiration as ALI has more in mind! Just like the property’s never-ending development of its amenities and facilities to make the residents embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Aside from the lush open greens and the development of four extraordinary parks, the North Tower has more to offer! Its residential lobby has an aesthetic design to provide more breathable space for the residents while the elevator lobby is one for the books. The North Tower has its own pool complex, indoor and outdoor play areas, sports court, motor court, social hall and lawn, the Esplanade Hall, the Horizon Terrace, and the Shops at the Esplanade. The property is guarded 24/7 by well-trained personnel and has CCTV cameras installed in strategic places to maximize security.

  • Esplanade Hall                                       
  • Outdoor Lounge
  • The Shops at the Esplanade                
  • Social Hall and Lawn
  • Motor Court                                            
  • Indoor Play Area
  • Residential Lobby                                  
  • Outdoor Play Area
  • Elevator Lobby                                       
  • Sports Court
  • Pool Complex                                         
  • Horizon Terrace
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